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unSICHTBAR – die ehemalige Willner-Brauerei in Pankow  
Dort, wo stadtauswärts die Schönhauser Allee in die Berliner Straße übergeht, steht am Eschengraben ein verwinkelter, aus gelben und die Fassade rötlich strukturierenden Ziegeln errichteter Komplex, der – mittlerweile saniert und mit einigen Neubauten ergänzt – bis 1990 als Brauerei produktionsreiche Tage erlebte. Emil Willner erwarb 1880 an der Berliner Straße 80-82 das Grundstück mit dem ehemaligen Zollhaus, darin er einen Bierausschank mit Biergarten einrichtete.  
unSICHTBAR – das Sowjetische Ehrenmal in Niederschönhausen  
Die zwischen Mai 1947 und November 1949 gestaltete Anlage steht selten im Fokus der Öffentlichkeit. Jüngst gab es aber eine Ausnahme: der 80 Jahrestag des Überfalls der Deutschen Wehrmacht auf die Sowjetunion am 22. Juni 1941. Da kam höchster Besuch in den Volkspark Schönholzer Heide: der Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier gedachte mit einer Kranzniederlegung der zahlreichen Opfer – Schätzungen zufolge starben durch den deutschen Vernichtungskrieg gegen die Sowjetunion 27 Millionen Menschen, darunter 14 Millionen Zivilpersonen.
Von russischer Seite wird hier übrigens mit großer Regelmäßigkeit gedacht, natürlich auch am 22. Juni 2021 mit eine festliche Gedenkzeremonie der Russischen Botschaft, vor allem aber am 9. Mai, dem „Tag der Befreiung“.
[StattReisen Berlin Tour] Totalitäre Visionen: Le Corbusier und Albert Speer  
Totalitäre Visionen: Le Corbusier und Albert Speer Informationen demnächst Eine Tour aus unserer Reihe Berlin 360°.  
[StattReisen Berlin Tour] Bankiers, Gelehrte, Friedensstifter  
Niederschönhausener Kaleidoskop  
[StattReisen Berlin Tour] Zum Nutzen und Vergnügen: Lernen mit Lenné in Dahlem  
Zum Nutzen und Vergnügen: Lernen mit Lenné in Dahlem Informationen demnächst Eine Tour aus unserer Reihe Berlin 360°.  
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Discover Berlin on Foot!

Even without the "Wall", Berlin is politically and historically a most interesting city and at the same time exciting with regard to culture, architecture and entertainment. Come and discover why today's Berlin is called the "most dynamic and fascinating city in Europe"! Don't forget, this is the "city that never sleeps".

We know how to bring you closer to Berlin's past, present and future.

Please visit our Three-hour bike-tour in English - along the Berlin Wall to Pankow

About Us

StattReisen was founded in 1983 by historians and teachers with the aim of teaching history in a lively way. Since then we have been very successful in showing people around Berlin on 50 different city walks with the emphasis on politics, history and daily life. In addition, we organize package tours to Berlin for English speaking groups. Our speciality is the individual arrangement of tours for private groups.

All our tours are conducted by experienced guides with varied backgrounds, such as history, political or social science, journalism, architecture, arts or acting.

We find that Berlin's facets can be shown best on walking tours. These walks normally last about two hours and take up to 20 people. This limited number of participants allows very intensive listening and opportunities for questions and discussions. In every respect, you get a more intimate view of sites.

For those who want to get a quick overview of the city or wish to get to know Berlin under a certain topic (eg "Americans in Berlin after World War II") we offer sightseeing tours by bus with stops at locations of your choice.

Our Tours

This summary shows you a selection of 6 walking tours that we think might be most interesting for groups. For these tours, you find a description below.

Prussia - Palaces - Politics

Discover the historic heart of Berlin

Every street in the center of Berlin has history, much of it no longer visible: On this walk you will meet the ghosts and murmers of Prussians and Prussian palaces, Nazis and Nazi architecture, Communists and real, existing socialist architecture, as well as visit some sites of the present.

Meeting point: book store "Berlin Story", Unter den Linden 40 (near S Brandenburger Tor, Bus 100, 200)


Wall Where was the Wall

Berlin: the heart of the cold war. So little is left. Walking the former "deathstrip" between Checkpoint Charlie and Potsdam Square, listen to the stories of how a city was violently split in 1961, how one lived in the divided city, how some attempted to escape from the east, how the wall fell in 1989, and memory today.

Meeting point: Underground Station Stadtmitte, on the platform of the U6 (NOT of the U2!)

By Bike - Along the Berlin Wall

 Three-hour bike-tour in English - Along the Berlin Wall to Pankow

Nazi Fascism - Takeover of a Town during the "Third Reich"

On this tour you'll see traces and places of the Nazi regime. Hitler used prestigious locations for his flag and torch parades to blind the world. His actual plans to deal with people were soon to be seen in new despicable laws, bookburnings, preparation for World War II and the murder of millions of people. The infamous central offices of Nazi planning and control were Hitler's Reichschancellery, Goebbel's Propaganda Ministry, Göring's Ministry of Air Force, and the terrifying Gestapo Headquarters which are now a memorial of Nazi terror.

Jewish Life in Berlin

The extinguishing of Jewish life in Berlin left a large gap in Berlin society. On this tour we walk through the former Jewish quarter. One of our stops will be the beautiful New Synagogue with its Judaic Center. Hear about Jewish life in Berlin in the past and today's growth of the Jewish Community due to immigration from Russia.

Kreuzberg - Immigrant Berlin

Explore Kreuzberg, the smallest but the most colourful district of Berlin. Berlin has always been home for immigrants, in former centuries for Huguenots, Jews and Silesians. During the past decades, migrants came mainly from Turkey, Poland and other Eastern countries, with an increasing number after the fall of the "Iron Curtain". Is this vital mixture of nationalities, religions and types of food in Kreuzberg the multi-cultural society of the future?

Modern Berlin - The New City Center

Potsdam Square, the busy heart of Berlin before World War II, was an empty "no man's land" during the division of Berlin after the war. It is now being constructed as a new and modern city center. Berliners are not sure yet if this will be the place where the city's heart can beat. Form your own opinion of this new Berlin.

Potsdam - Residence of Frederick the Great

To many outside Germany think Potsdam, where the Prussian Kings lived, symbolized Prussia; one spoke of a battle between Potsdam and Weimar for the German soul. But what was Potsdam really? A city of the military, certainly, but also a city of immigrants; a city defined by the court, yes, but also much, more.

Meeting point: Potsdam, Alter Markt, Obelisk,
close to Potsdam-Hauptbahnhof (S7; RB)


If you would like to have more information about our walking or package tours and also if you are interested in an offer to fit your special needs and interests, contact us.